Whether you just moved into a new home or your dining room could use some updating, it can be hard to find inspiration for a room that basically requires a table and chairs. Decorating your dining room is the easiest way to change the room without too much work or renovations. Below are a few ideas to help inspire you to make your dining room a room that you enjoy eating in.


Colour Scheme: Colour can say a lot about a room; it sets the tone for the entire space. Selecting the right colour for your dining room is an important factor for the overall mood of the room. If you utilize the space with dinner parties and romantic evenings choose a darker, dramatic colour scheme. If your dining room is for family dinners and kid’s birthday parties, selecting a lighter and breezier colour scheme with floral patterns would help the room seem more comfortable, warm and welcoming. Click here to see some colour scheme ideas that would suite the dining room you are wanting to create.

Table: If your table is outdated or isn’t in the best shape, consider giving it a face lift! The table is the main focus of the dining room so it should be the most reflective of what atmosphere you would like the room to portray. There are many different design ideas from painting the base and the top two different colours, stencilling the table top, or changing the entire top itself by adding glass or zinc. For more table ideas click here.


Linens: Chair covers, table cloths, runners and floor-length drapes have the power to give a room an entirely new impression. It is best to use neutral fabrics and leave the bold colours and elaborate patterns to other areas of the room.

Lighting: Changing the lighting is a great quick fix for a dining room update. Hanging wall sconces, changing the main lighting fixture or adding candles are all different ways you can modify the dining room lighting. Make sure the lighting is focusing on the areas that you want the spotlight on such as the table, a painting, or your dish display.Untitled design(1)

Details: Updating a room can be as easy as the details. If your table chairs are made out of wood, consider adding a chair cushion with a pattern or bold colour. Accessorizing the centre of the table with your favourite decor items or a vase collection can help add a personal touch to make the dining room your own. Placing an area rug underneath the table can add an extra touch of comfort and is subtle enough that guests wouldn’t notice until their feet touch the soft and cozy ground. If you have a collection of dishes or decor put them on display! China cabinets and shelves are a great way to do so.