Taking proper care of your flooring not only helps the longevity of the product, but it keeps the appearance in tact as well. If you have recently installed new flooring it is important to know which products are safe to use on it and any steps you should take in the preservation of the flooring. There is more to maintenance then a wet cloth and a vacuum! Below are flooring maintenance tips for three main types that can be found at Paul’s Floors.



Protect against scuffs and scratches by placing felt pads on the bottom of your furniture even if you are not planning on moving it around. There could always be a circumstance where the kitchen table needs to be moved a couple inches to the left because it is too close to the wall or a couch needs to be pushed back a foot in order to look for an earring you dropped.

Before cleaning always give the floor a vacuum or sweep. Avoid using a beater bar style attachment on the floor as it can damage thsweeping_a_floor_se surface.

Apple cider vinegar is a common substance used for cleaning a vinyl surface. There is no residue leftover and the acid in the vinegar helps to remove the dirt.

When using a mop or cloth make sure it is just damp as to not completely soak your floors.

If you are using a soap product on your floors rinse thoroughly as to avoid scum and film buildup which can attract more dirt. For more vinyl flooring maintenance tips click here.


With wood floors discolouration and scratches are the most common types of damage.

Keep rubber, steel, metal, foam or plastic off of wood floors as they can soak up moisture causing your floor to discolour.

Avoid long hours of sunlight exposure if possible as this can also cause discolouration.

High heels, plastic casters and animal nails can all be a cause of scratches on your wood. To learn how to get rid of scratches oimagesn wood floors click here.

Pick up dust, dirt and hair with a vacuum or broom consistently so it does not scratch the surface. Like with vinyl, do not use a beater bar attachment on a vacuum.

When washing a wood floor use only products that a label recommends safe for use on wood floors.

Do not let the surface of the floor get drenched or stay wet.

Rugs are beneficial in high traffic areas such as in front of a kitchen sink.


You can help prevent the amount of stains and dirt that is tracked into your home by placing doormats throughout your home entrances.

Do not wait to let spills and dirt to sink in. That means vacuuming your carpet as often as possible and removing stains immediately helps to stop them from sinking in.102525-283x424-Floor_Cleaning

Deodorizing the carpet once in awhile is a great idea. This means eliminating odours with enzymatic cleaning products instead of masking them with scented sprays.

If your carpet has a warranty you may be required to hire a professional cleaner once a year to keep the warranty. Professional carpet cleaners don’t leave residue and provide a deep clean that you may not be able to attain without proper devices and products.

Every few years the protective coating that is added to your carpet when it is made can wear off. This coating helps to resist against stains and soils. A professional carpet cleaner can reapply this coating for you.

For a list of how to remove stains from your carpet click here.