We may already be halfway through summer but if your deck is not everything you wanted it to be, it is still not too late! Your deck should be a sanctuary where you can relax while sipping on a chilled beverage. What helps a deck transform into a sanctuary? It’s all in the details! Find out below 7 ways to spice up your deck.

1. Comfort-Nothing says relaxation better than a soft seating area. Could your chairs use some cushions? Maybe a couple throw pillows? What about an outdoor area rug? Draw inspiration from your indoor living room.


2. Colour Scheme-Not sure what colours to select for your outdoor area? Utilize the same colours from the exterior of your home in the accents and decor on your deck. If your exterior is a neutral colour add splashes of colour to brighten up the area for a real summer feel.


3. Greenery-Flowers and plants are a great addition to any outdoor space. If your deck lacks privacy add evergreen bushes to form a wall. When adding planters make sure they match the rest of the outdoor pieces, however when it comes to florals don’t worry about being too matchy. Remember: the more greenery the better!


4. Water-An outdoor water fountain is a great accessory for a deck. It brings a calming feeling through sound and adds an element of nature to what is a cross between indoor comfort and the fresh outdoors.


5. Art-An outdoor area is an extension of your home so why not add some wall art? Whether you want to add a garden-esque piece or something that reflects your indoor decor, use up those empty spaces!


6. Stairs-Add decor and planters along the steps leading to your deck. Mix and match as much as you like, but keep them small as to not overtake the stairs.

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7. Lighting-Keep your deck glowing with the right lights so the transition from day to night is a luminescent one. To find out how to properly light up your deck area click here.