Now that it is November it is okay to start talking about Christmas decor, right? We all have seen the DIY Pinterest craft ideas, but how do you select the right colour scheme in regards to the rest of your home? Are there other areas you can decorate other than the obvious tree and table tops? What can you do with the extra bulbs? Find out the answers to these questions below with the following Christmas decor tips.


Colour Scheme:


If you are uneasy about straying too far from your homes current decor, accentuate it with your Christmas decor! Do you have a gilded piece of art? Add splashes of gold Christmas decor to the room. Have blue throw pillows on your sofa? Incorporate blue Christmas items throughout the space. There is no need to stray from your interior decor when decorating for Christmas.

An all white Christmas is a very classy way of displaying your holiday cheer. There is no need to stress about which colours match and white linens and accessories are the easiest to find. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of ivory, gold or silver.

Decide which Christmas decor theme you like best and use those colours for your Christmas decor. For example, if you like a country-rustic theme, select earth tones. If you can’t stop staring at trees with sparkles and glitter, use bold and bright colours when decorating.

If you would like a new look this year without spending the money on buying all new decorations, take one colour out from past decorations. Change one colour each year for a new look! Click here for more information.


Additional Decor Areas:


Light fixtures are a great area to add some Christmas sparkle. Hang extra tree ornaments, ribbons and  snowflakes to chandeliers and overhead light fixtures.

The entryway is often forgotten in decor in general, and Christmas is no exception. Add a winter scene and a few of your ornamental elements to a table surface if space allows.

If you have a large framed mirror place greenery around the frame for an added touch of seasonal delight.

Ribbon around planters or current decor pieces is also a nice way to integrate some more holiday decor.

If your staircase is large enough (and you don’t have small children) add some decor items to the sides.


Extra Bulbs:


If your tree is all set and there are still ornamental bulbs left over get out your favourite glass jars and fill them with the bulbs. You can also surround the vase with greenery for an added touch of festiveness. Hurricanes and cake stands work perfect as well.

Place the extra bulbs at the top of the soil in planters for some added Christmas spirit.

If your staircase has spindles hang the bulbs with ribbon around the banister to hang between the spindles.

Hang extra bulbs from the windows with a pretty ribbon.

Make a Christmas wreath!