Mirrors are a must have in the bathroom and a great accessory in other rooms of the home. There are many different sizes and styles of mirrors available. So how do you know which mirror is right for your specific space? Find out below how to select a mirror for any area.



Depending on which space of the home the mirror is going to be placed there are a few things to take into consideration. If the area has natural light arrange the mirror on a wall that can reflect the light best, if possible. If the mirror is going to be in the entrance area of your home, set the mirror closer to the front door so you can get a last glance at yourself before you leave and guests can do a quick check when they visit.



Examine the size of the wall the mirror is to go. A mirror that is too small will look incomplete or misplaced on a wall that is larger. If you are wanting the mirror to be the main decor on the wall make sure it is large enough to stand out. Mirrors in a hallway or entrance should be smaller than ones you would place in a living room or dining room. For bathrooms, the mirror should never be bigger than the vanity.






If the room has tall ceilings a vertical mirror is best to choose to help accentuate the height. If you are hoping to create an illusion of a larger room a horizontal shape can help with that. Round mirrors tend to give a more delicate or unique appeal.




The frame is another factor you should take note of when selecting a mirror. If the mirror is to be the centre of attention in the space, it should have a frame that helps it stand out. If you are wanting it to blend in with the rest of the space a frameless or plain mirror would work best. If the space has a modern look a simple frame pairs well. For rustic looking areas a distressed mirror looks great. If the space has a more traditional or ethnic look to it an ornate or gilded mirror would blend nicely.





The colour of the frame should reflect the decor colour of the rest of the space. If you are wanting a more neutral looking mirror pick a black, white or wood frame. If the room already has wood elements keep the mirror in the same colour family as the rest of the pieces. Metallic frames match modern and formal styled rooms best.