Dark wood flooring can be an intimidating thought, but it doesn’t have to be. When placed in a room with the right hues, dark floors can be enjoyable. They add a stylish elegance to a space. Knowing some basic tips about decorating around dark flooring can make a world of difference to the look of a space. Continue reading to find out what these tips are.

shutterstock_48843964Dark wood floors have enough boldness for the rest of the room so when decorating keep that in mind. Neutral, pale tones look great with dark floors.

White walls and light wood furniture are a great match to dark flooring. When deciding on the hue of wood furniture to select choose a few shades lighter than the flooring but similar tones.

Matching as close as possible the furniture legs to the flooring colour helps to blend the different hues in the room.

The dining table or kitchen island can be the same colour as the dark floors so they fuse into each other nicely. Add contrasting chairs to surround.

laminat_parke2If you prefer colour add rich colours for accents in the space and a patterned area rug.

Having one accent colour also works well with dark flooring if the rest of the space is white and other colours are barely noticeable.

Keep the dark on the bottom. Don’t be afraid to add a dark area rug.

Dark floors look fantastic in larger homes with open floor plans.

Since dirt and scratches can show easier on darker floors extra care will be needed. Clean the floors regularly and use area rugs where possible.

Be sure to have ample amounts of lighting and access to natural light. Dark floors tend to make a room appear smaller so the more lighting, the better.

Wood floors can be off-putting in their appearance because of the hardness. Adding fluffy area rugs and soft throw pillows can help to soften this.