Is your bathroom lacking? It will appear so after seeing these neat DIY designs and tips!


Create a little extra storage space while keeping your toilet paper as chic as possible. Simply select a piece of wood, two corner brackets and a toilet paper holder. Make sure the piece of wood is large enough to fit a toilet paper roll underneath so it is not pushed against the wall. Attach the holder to the wood with screws and follow with the brackets. Attach the entire piece to a wall in arms reach of your toilet.









Storage does not have to be limited to a vanity. Mix it up with unique shelving to add a pop of character! Whether you have leftover pieces from a renovation project or a frame that needs displaying, delve into your imagination to create a personalized space.



Are you one of those people who awakes in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom? If so, you know the struggle of trying not to stub your toe in the dark and dreading turning on the bright light of the bathroom. There is a solution! Insert rope lighting underneath the vanity for lighting dim enough for the dark of the night, but bright enough to not walk into something.








Could your bathroom use a little greenery? Why not hang it on the wall? It will save you space and add life to a bland wall. Use whichever hanging pieces you desire and insert the greenery.