Have you finally decided to replace your carpet for hardwood flooring? Or maybe you are changing the stained carpet for a new one? Whatever your reason may be, find below some tips and tricks to properly and efficiently remove your carpeting.


For the easiest process, remove everything from the carpet. This may mean carrying heavy items further than you would like, but it will make the removal process that much easier. Also, remove any doors that swing into the area of the carpet you are removing. Don’t forget about closet doors as well.


If you are planning on reusing the baseboard label each piece so you can remember where each piece goes. If the carpet is not underneath the baseboard, then removing the boards is not necessary.


Know where you are getting rid of your carpet before you start the removal. Whether your city will pick it up or you are bringing it to a recycling centre, have a plan in place.


Removing carpet involves a lot of dust so put a dust mask on before you start if you have allergies.


If you are removing carpet from stairs it is best to start at the top first.


Make sure you are wearing proper gloves to avoid cuts or stabs from staples or nails. If you are having a hard time seeing staples, they are always along the perimeter of the carpet padding.


If you do not have a floor scraper to remove the staples you can pound them down further using a hammer or remove them individually with a screwdriver.

Adult worker removing old carpet in room

Cut the carpet from the back as it smoother and easier to cut through. Always start the removal from a corner.


Most carpet pad warranties only work with the carpet it is paired with so if you are replacing the carpet for new carpet you will need a new carpet pad as well.


When the carpet is fully off take the time to check for squeaks or rusty tack strips. Remove any rusty tack strips and fix any squeaks before adding the new flooring.


Always roll the old carpet instead of folding it. This will make it easier to maneuver around and dispose of.