Life is full of problems, below are some ways you can make your home less of one.

Problem #1 : Not enough space in your bathroom for storage

8.-Use-the-space-above-a-door-for-extra-storage-29-Sneaky-Tips-For-Small-Space-Living enhanced-buzz-16165-1382109518-10


-Hang towels on rods placed behind the door

-Build a shelf above the door

-Add floating shelves on either side of the mirror

-Place an over-the-faucet shelf over the shelf

-Add an extra shower rod to the other side of your bathtub to hang baskets and caddies

-Screw a wine rack to the wall to store towels


Problem #2: Not enough space for a book shelf

4.-Put-shelving-in-unused-corners-of-the-house-29-Sneaky-Tips-For-Small-Space-Living 1.-Ceiling-Shelves-utilize-all-of-that-vertical-space-29-Sneaky-Tips-For-Small-Space-Living


-Insert corner floating shelves that reach to the ceiling

-Build shelving that is above eye level


Problem #3: Kitchen items that are too tedious to clean

cleaning-herbs-in-blender index


-Blend liquid soap and warm water in the blender

-Pots and pans can be easily degreased using baking soda

-Heat a bowl consisting of water and vinegar in the microwave then wipe down for easy cleaning


Problem #4: Mats and rugs are constantly moving

enhanced-buzz-4676-1382110011-23 roy-bsl


-Spread lines of caulk onto the bottom of the rug

-Purchase double sided carpet tape and place on the underside of the rug

-Use rubber shelf liner as underpadding


Problem #5: Dents in the carpet after moving furniture

diy-home-hacks-72 spray


-Let ice cubes melt on the dented area then vacuum to lift fibers

-Place a cloth on the area and iron with the steam setting on your iron and use a spoon or fork to lift fibers

-Spray with a bottle of water and blow dry then use fingers to lift fibers


Problem #6: Too many mosquitoes in the summer

basil rosemary

-Plant specific plants that repel mosquitoes

-Hang ribbons of lavender near doorways and windows

-While barbequeing place rosemary stalks on the coals


Problem #7: Pantry is unorganized

enhanced-buzz-16155-1382109549-34 pantry


-Place a shoe organizer over the door to keep smaller items together and easily accessible

-Tack any bag boxes to the wall

-Organize items by zones, ie breakfast zone, baking zone, etc.

-Place baskets on shelves and label accordingly

-Add a Lazy Susan for corner shelving


Problem #8: Your child’s toys need to be cleaned

enhanced-buzz-31780-1381965891-6 babyipes


-Place toys that don’t require batteries in a laundry bag and into the washer

-Place toys that don’t require batteries in the dishwasher and run a cycle

-Baby wipes area great for quick cleans