Have you ever wondered what people notice first? We hear all the time that your kitchen and ensuite are the two most important areas of your house to focus on. But what about the REAL first thing people notice when they walk in. They walk up your nice clean driveway, see your perfectly manicured front yard (maybe not so much this time of year!), up your front steps and then walk into your home. Often times, the front entry way is a forgotten area so it is a very underwhelming experience! We love making entryways a dramatic entrance but even without that, this is where you take off your shoes, your kids get dressed and your dogs dry off – why aren’t we putting more thought into this area of our house?? Check out some ideas we had below that make use of what is often an awkward and forgotten space!


Small Space Storage Solutions

(Wow that was quite the tongue twister). Who are we kidding, we NEVER have enough space, no matter how big our house is! I don’t know about you, but my house looks like I have 33 children (hint: I have 1) because we tend to remove our shoes and walk away. Don’t judge me – i have a tiny entrance way and can’t be bothered to walk a whole 8 feet to the closet to put them away after a long day at work. So why the heck, after all this time have I not just added storage? Who knows! In a small space like mine, there is still room for a little bench (so then I wouldn’t have to do that awkward hop that we all do to try and pull those too-tight shoes on) with drawers in the bottom, some open shelves for baskets and a bunch of cute hooks. There really is no reason for a small space or a small budget to mean that we have no where to put things, we just have to get more creative! Here’s a couple of options…what do you think? I love that the second one is actually built in to a closet!

Light it up!

Entry way’s are often larger or at least disconnected than the other areas. Either its behind a closet, out of the line of site or it has taller ceilings. This means you can do something FUN. You could do some nice decor if you have room or a cool wall feature but what about something fun, cost effective (within reason!) and that is functional as well. That’s right – the front entry is a PERFECT area to play with lighting. From a dramatic chandelier to a cool pendant or even a clean looking semiflush. Check back here in a couple weeks to start to navigate the world of lighting but in the meantime, check out our new obsession – Milky Way Lighting (HEART EYESSS). What do you think of these entrance ways below that use a dramatic light as a cool design flair?









Entry way rug life

When you think area rug what do you think? Probably living room, great room, kids room, bedroom, mayyybe dining room. But what about the entry? Or the kitchen for that matter (but stay tuned, we will be doing a post shortly about our new obsession with kitchen rugs!). It can add some fun and life or it can make it look large, it can be somewhere designated for the kids to stand or it can be just for looks! We have become obsessed recently with these vintage rugs from Mcgee & Co. Looking for something a little more rugged and durable? Try their indoor outdoor rug collection here! In the meantime, check out these inspo pics below to see if you would ever try something like this!












So what do you think? Have we inspired you to make some changes in your front entry yet? Or are you like me and probably still going to kick your 6 pairs of black boots (that look exactly the same but you refuse to admit) into the corner? I hope not!

Talk to you soon