Who makes resolutions every year? According to a Huffington Post study, 58% of people make them but only 8% of them actually stick to these resolutions! Because of this, this year we decided not to make resolutions but instead to set hard, firm, wild goals and more importantly – actually make a game plan for the year. This past week, we were so blessed to be able to partner with Kelli-Rae Ennis from TMH Business Coaching to host our first workshop of 2018. This workshop was focused on collaborating with other businesses in the Lethbridge design & construction industry to learn about how to properly set and achieve our business and personal goals while also brainstorming how we can all work together to achieve them! Collaboration over Competition. This is something you will see us talking A LOT about this year, but more about that in upcoming posts!

Kelli-Rae taught us so many things and the number one thing our team was able to take away from this was: “SMART” Goals are Stupid. SMART being the old acronym that has become so widely known in association with goal setting: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. She taught us that the “A” and the “R” are what keep people from achieving their potential, goals that are attainable and realistic. So after spending the evening with Kelli-Rae and the other attendees, we have taken the time to make some mad goals that are unrealistic, possibly attainable (but maybe not?) but most importantly, down right TERRIFYING. She had us split them in to three different categories, “Be Goals”, “Growth Goals” & “Contribution Goals”. Check out our explanation of each of these and get a little sneak preview into our scary goals for 2018.

“Be” Goals

What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered?


  1. We want to be the premiere design studio for couples, families, businesses and contractors to work with to make their building or renovating dreams come true. We want people to think we are innovative, cutting edge, game changing and out-of-the-box.
  2. In 2018, we want our clients, trade partners and community members to use words like honest, resourceful, life changing, inspiring, full of integrity, communicative and driven.

Growth Goals

How would you like to grow to a 10/10 in one or more areas?


  1. PF Design Studio will to be 10/10 in collaboration. From local businesses, interesting clients and even national brands.
  2. We are striving to be 10/10 in customer service. Our team will bend over backwards to help our community, partners, staff and clients. We will excel in communication, design skills, problem solving and forward thinking.


Contribution Goals

How do you want to change the world? What can you do to support your community?


  1. This year our staff will put in 100 hours of community service in 2018 and we will enforce our recycling program on a daily basis.
  2. We will push to change the conversation around business in Lethbridge, focusing on COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION.



What specifically will be accomplished this year

  1. Change the lives and homes of 150 clients
  2. Grow our team to 12 full time staff
  3. Our online store will launch
  4. We will partner with 35 brands or businesses on our blog or in our studio
  5. Travel to 3 places and investigate design and business and how it differs from southern Alberta

We challenge all small businesses and actually all couples and families to try coming up with their 2018 game plan using this method. If you need some more help setting these goals and making a plan for your business this year, contact Kelli-Rae directly, trust me, you wont regret it! Over the next few months we will be including periodic updates on where our goals are at and more tips and tricks we learn along the way!

What are some crazy, terrifying plans for 2018 you have?