How we modernized traditional oak cabinetry without a new kitchen for our #PFxHeritageReno!

How many people have either that 70’s orange looking oak cabinetry or the early 2000’s blonde oak and have absolutely NO.IDEA.WHAT.TO.DO.


This client came to us in the fall and wanted to find a way to modernize her house but really did not want to go to the expense and hassle of new cabinetry as theirs were in perfect condition. They had changed out some laminate flooring a few years ago but really did not like it plus they had an old 6X6 backsplash and peachy countertops, very Lethbridge circa 1999. Check out below on what we did to update this west side home. This was such a perfect way to give this house a facelift and make it look completely new for significantly less than $10,000.

Let us know what you think, we would love to hear how you would’ve done this differently!
















How did we achieve the look?

  • Vinyl Plank Flooring (DC Vista Ohia)
    • As a water resistant flooring type, vinyl plank is perfect for busy families or commercial applications. It has limited maintenance involved, has a 30 year warranty and can look like real wood (or even tile!). This specific line is our favourite! We NEVER have issues with it, comes with an awesome warranty and is perfect for DIYers. For those of you who have oak cabinetry, this colour (Ohia) is perfect as it has a little bit of the golden oak colour in it. Looking for something a little darker, ask us to send you home with our Milo colour sample!
  • Laminate Countertops (Wilson Art Cosmos Granite)
    • For the busy family who is looking for a durable, cost effective option, laminate countertops are perfect. They come in countless options, several edge styles and different finishes. Don’t think that this is a “cheap out” option, we are currently putting this in a high-end build!
  • Blanco Silgranit Sink in Cinder
    • These Silgranit sinks are our FAVOURITE. To be honest, we have probably been using them a little too much lately but they are just so durable and come in a whole bunch of really nice, rich, neutral colours
  • Pulldown Faucet (Thank You Costco!)
  • Olympia Tile Subway Backsplash with Glass Mosaic Accent
    • While most companies overload on the 3″X6″ subway tile, we have recently fallen in love with this size. The 2″X9″ is still simple and easy to install but because its smaller, offers a little more texture and interest. We paired it with the glass mosaic as a fun addition for a modern look with the traditional oak cabinetry.