Have you ever found a hard surface cleaning product that makes you fill with joy and promise never to use another product? For counters, glass and bathroom, its Windex (seriously though, who doesn’t get excited when its time for a new Windex bottle?). But for floors, it’s Armstrong’s Once N Done. While we sell other hard surface cleaning products, nothing is as good for general maintenance AND spot cleaning as this. It is the product we choose to clean our own showroom with. We send it with each of our installers to clean our clients floors upon completion. And it is always our go-to suggestion when you come in to the showroom. Looking for some tips on cleaning your vinyl, laminate or tile floors? We’ve given you some below!

Go easy on the water!

People seem to load their big mops with as much water as possible to get things clean. But this is totally unnecessary and in the long run will damage your floors, especially if they are any type of wood material. While vinyl based products (including Duraceramic and Fibre Floor) are water resistant and you don’t have to be too worried about water penetration, you should still try to limit yourself. If you purchased a laminate floor, then you REALLY need to be careful with your methods of hard surface cleaning. The over use of water will cause the joints in the wood to swell up and they can buckle or separate and will eventually distort the pattern. No one wants that!

Keep it tidy over clean

When it comes to using any cleaning product, keeping the floor dust and debris free is probably the most important part. Having dirt and dust on the floor is what gets it scratched and streaky. The best way to prolong the life of your floors will be to regularly sweep or vacuum it. There is no need to clean them with product or water more than once a week and honestly as long as you get rid of the dirt, then you can go even longer in between major cleans.

Use the right mop

It is totally unnecessary to use a big industrial mop. Using a reusable microfibre style mop is our number one preference. Not only is it easy to use and clean but it is the most sustainable option. No packaging, no throwing out plastic, no chemicals being constantly flushed away. Use something with a nice long handle to prevent the strain on your back and make sure it is a big, wide head to reduce the time it takes to clean the floor (the #1 goal amirite).

What other cleaning products do we sell?

  • Armstrong Floor Stripper
  • Hardwood/Laminate Cleaner
  • Grout Cleaner and Penetrating sealer
  • Grout Refreshe (For colour correction)
  • Vinyl Floor Cleaner in spray bottle and concentrate
  • Microfibre Mop Kit
  • Fabric Cleaner
  • Shaw Carpet Cleaner – R2X and Pet Refresher
  • Duradek Cleaner


If you have more questions on how to keep your floors clean, how to save time and money in doing so or if you have tips and tricks that we might not know about, come down and see us! We love chatting with new and old customers.