Are you finding you have more than enough items and not enough space to place it all? You don’t have to move to a larger home! There are many tricks to adding space without adding square feet to your home. Read the tips below to find out how you can find options for small space storage. Think you can’t possibly figure out how to add storage in a small space? Think again and check out what the gals over at Teacup Tiny Homes have been doing. Talk about small space storage solutions!!


Double Duty

When extra storage space is not an option, find pieces that can work double duty. A nightstand that also works as a dresser, a coffee table with hidden storage or a bed frame with drawers are all great pieces to purchase.


Utilize Vertical Space

Every area of your home can be utilized for small space storage. Floor to ceiling shelving, wall mounted storage, and recessed shelving all add an extra location to place your items.


Fabric Doors

If a closet door is preventing you from being able to place certain furniture pieces close by consider removing the door and hanging a curtain instead. Doors can be bulky when opened, however curtains aren’t.



In the kitchen, don’t forget about the convenience of hanging items. Many kitchen items come with hanging capability, from pots to utensils so look to the ceiling and add hanging bars. Add slim shelving underneath cabinets for spices. The space above the refrigerator can also be used for storing rarely used items by inserting a shelf or extra cabinet.


Finding storage solutions in project we’re working on is honestly always the hardest part. We welcome any and all ideas! Share with us ideas of what you have used in the past and send us some pics!