Over the last few years, every industry has changed due to technology. Ours is no different. With inspiration sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz, homeowners are more educated than ever! However, they are also more overwhelmed than ever. 80% of clients that come to us know what they like or at least have an idea of what that is. But they can never pull it together because their Pinterest board has 156 pins that each highlight something different. This is where we come in handy!

When you visit us in the studio, the first thing we do is sit and talk about YOU. We don’t discuss products, budget or anything specific to begin with. We want to know who you are, how you live, how you need your space to function, what fuels your inspiration and most importantly, WHAT IS YOUR LONG TERM GOAL FOR THIS HOUSE! The way we approach a rental property is much different than the way we will approach your forever home.

Once we have a good sense of who you are, we can start chatting about your project. We love when people come prepared with at least an early stage idea of what they are looking for and a handful of inspiration pictures of spaces you LOVE. We will ask you all kinds of questions, usually relating to the FUNCTION of your space, what you need to make it work for you etc. Then we send you home and book an appointment for you to come back in a few days to a week later. In that time, our team gets together and pulls together a design inspiration package that we feel will work for your space, budget and style. We source products from our own line, our trade partners, online or from big box retailers – what ever is needed to get the job done right.


When you come back in, we will go over our thoughts for layouts, products, etc. At this point, once we have narrowed some things down, we FINALLY let you loose in the store! This is when the small details are selected, tile options, grout colours, installation specifications etc. If this sounds like its all happening too fast, some people take one meeting to make every single decision and some people take 5 – we work with you until we have hit every nail on the head! Check out some of the packages we’ve put together for recent projects!!