Calling all interior designers, contractors, builders, artists, creatives and passionate weekend warriors. Our co-working space is finally up and running!


We have been working so hard over the last few months to get the showroom ready for the next phase: our co-working environment! We recognize that southern Alberta has so many talented people that are working out of small offices, homes, coffee shops or meeting at clients houses. Our vision for the design studio when we built it in 2016 was to have a co-working space where professionals and passionate weekend warriors could enjoy and utilize everything we have done. Our dream is to have our space bustling with other contractors, designers, small builders and homeowners who are looking for a place to design their next project.

For Home Owners:

We have samples of just about everything from flooring, tile and window coverings to cabinets, faucets and lighting in our showroom. If we don’t have what you are looking for on display we have countless catalogues and resources at our disposal to get you what you need. We have worked out pricing and service with our suppliers that will allow us to provide each of these items at a cost to you that will be no higher than anywhere else. The best part of this is we have a full time team of designers here at your disposal to help with any of the decision making!

Many home owners assume that if they are on a budget, they have to stick to the big box stores but this is absolutely not true! We have options for every budget. If you are on an especially tight budget, ask to speak to Abigail – my favourite type of clients are those on a budget (I gets a weird high out of sourcing designer looking products for cheap!). We have flooring starting at $1.79, tile at even less. You can do an entire house of window coverings for $2000 (or $20,000, depending on what you are looking for). If you would rather go with Ikea cabinets, that is totally fine! Bring your tablet or laptop, have a coffee and our team will help you design your kitchen and show you how to order it (and of course, schedule Kurier to deliver it for you!)

Below are a handful of photos of recent projects we have helped homeowners put together.






For Professionals:

Seriously, there are so many options with a co-working space like this! Our full time design team can work with you to put together packages for your clients, meaning you can save valuable time by not having to visit 8 different places. We have found that going to a one stop shop can really shorten the time it takes to get your clients to sign off and we all know, TIME IS MONEY! However, you do not have to use our team. We invite you to use our showroom as your own! Bring your clients in, use our samples, pick one of our working spaces in the store and start pulling products together. If there is something you feel we don’t have, let us know and we will bring it in! We want to create an environment where we are supporting you in providing a more cohesive, professional experience to your clients. Remember, co-working means we work together! That looks different for every professional!

But I have my own suppliers, I don’t want to have to purchase everything through you!

THIS IS OKAY! We will provide you exclusive discounts should you choose to purchase your products through us. Use of the space will also be free. These two reasons may make it so that you WANT to purchase your items through PF. But you by no means have to! Plus, you purchasing elsewhere keeps us on our toes and forces us to continue to up our customer service game!

I don’t want other people stealing our clients!

First of all, we are so insanely passionate about community and collaboration its not even funny. Seriously, come down and chat to us about it sometime but don’t plan to go anywhere quickly, it is the number one thing that fuels our team! This means that not only are WE not out to steal your clients, the other professionals we will have utilizing our space will all have similar values. We truly believe that collaboration will win every time over cut throat competition and If there are any client thieves out there, this is not the space for them anyway. You can be 100% confidant that if you send your clients in here, whether you are with them or not, they will be treated fairly and never poached. In fact, each professional will have their own file that states your expectations when dealing with your clients so if for some reason you are running late to a meeting, we can support them while still representing you!

Here are some photos of our space so you know what to expect!

PF Design Studio