Kick A$$ Canadian Retailers


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We have decided to start a new blog series that we will be updating every week. You will be hearing from each of our team member as we choose different topics related to business, design, local talent and all things amazing. To kick off our new series, “Five Friday Faves” (we might drop the five, the three F’s might be too much, stay tuned), we will celebrate Abigail’s favourite holiday – Canada Day!  We are going to be highlighting our 5 favourite Canadian retailers. Some are local, some are nationwide, some are large corporation. But they all have some things in common. They are all located in Canada, support sustainable practices and have a pretty rockin code of ethics.



1. Birch Hill Studio 





Based in Vernon, BC, Birch Hill Studio has a brick and mortar location and an amazing online presence.  Sierra Harris (and her hilarious sidekick Kaitlyn) curates an interesting array of Canadian products by Canadian Designers and Makers. Birch Hill Studio was recently recognized as the 2018 Independent Retailer of the Year by the Retail Council of Canada, making them important influencer to watch out for. If you have been looking for someone who truly embodies the term #BOSSBABE, go check them out on instagram. (Hint Hint Keep an eye out for our work in their showroom coming soon really soon!).

2. Blush Lane

Blush Lane Organic Markets is the coolest organic company! With stores across Alberta, an awesome website (plus an online store!!) and a beautiful orchard in Keremeous, BC. This supermarket chain connects with local farmers and producers to provide products and certified organic produce by Canadians for Canadians. It was voted Best Organic Grocery Store by the Golden Fork Awards 2018.They support local organizations and have fully Green stores and buildings. Our favourite part?? L.I.F.E. is the acronym for their Core Values. Love. Integrity. Fresh(ness). Ecology. Could this get any more authentic, pure and perfect?


3. Canadian Tire

With over 1700 retail and gasoline outlets across Canada, this tried and true Canadian favourite for 95 years has evolved with the times. Starting with tires and automotive they now offer a variety of hardware and home products. Their Canvas line of outdoor patio furniture is constructed with sustainably harvested wood.  In addition to their product line, Canadian Tire sources local pollinator plants from regional growers for bee health and reducing sales of Neonics.  They have committed to designing LEED certified buildings and ethical sourcing of materials from over 90 countries worldwide. Bet you didn’t know about all this when you’re busy stuffing your pockets full of Canadian Tire Money (which, PS, when you donate it back to them, helps to fund their community jumpstart programs!).


4. La Maison Simons

Simons has a rich history starting from its founding in 1840 Quebec City. SInce its inception Simons has grown and expanded to stores across Canada and online. Products range from designer clothing for men, women and children to housewares and decor. Their enviromental policy is a comprehensive list of green energy use, recycled materials, and using organic cotton for their clothing line, in addition to ensuring the Tencel and Viscose used in their products is free from pulp from ancient or endangered forests.



5. The Bay

A Canadian institution, The Bay has been around since before Canada was even a country! Part of The Bay’s social responsibility is founding the HBC Foundation, one of Canada’s leading charitable foundations, which supports mental health organizations and Canadian Olympic Foundation, among many others. The iconic Four Point Blanket originates from their history of fur trading but their range now includes clothing, furniture, housewares and accessories, now all available online. If you took a gander at Birch Hill’s page above you will see that they may or may not have a slight obsession with The Bay too. Plus seriously, who hasn’t spent an obscene amount of money at the makeup counters?



Just the tip of an Atlantic iceberg, these 5 fantastic Canadian retailers showcase some of the amazing products and initiatives that make our retail sector so exciting. We are soo excited to have just a tiny slice of the Canadian Retail Pie!

– Lynda