Anyone who has been through a renovation or new build has been asked the same question.


What finish of hardware would you like to use? 


In recent months, we have finally been seeing some fun options with the revitalization of gold (from champagne bronze to polished brass) and more and more matte black options. We will have some upcoming posts about different finish options but today we are looking at how we navigate the decision between shiny (sometimes called polished) chrome and brushed chrome. You may hear brushed chrome be referred to as brushed nickel, satin nickel, titanium, matte silver or stainless steel.  







Polished Chrome 

For spaces with clean lines, all white everything or a little bit of bling, we love using polished chrome! It gives just enough sparkle while still being very streamlined and clean. It is perfect in very modern spaces as it has a mirrored look and really brightens things up. If you want to NOTICE your fixtures, chrome is a great way to go.

Colours it works with: white, Navy, dark colours, bright/bold colours 

What to pair it with: simple cabinets, dark wood 

Surprising benefit:  almost always the cheapest option! 

What to watch out for: fingerprints and waterspots are much more common! 


Brushed Silver 

Any sort of burshed material is so perfect for spaces where you want the fixture to disappear rather than stand out. This means if you have a wall feature or killer backsplash or a WOW countertop, we suggest going with this material. Since brushed products have been used for centuries, they can often make traditional homes look a little more historically accurate. If you check out our PFxHeritageReno, you will see we did a really nice, simple brushed chrome faucet – and you barely notice it!

Colours it works with: off white, wood stains, light cabinets 

What to pair it with: traditional finishes (moulding, heavily profiled trim work) 

Surprising benefit: hides all the dirt! 

What to watch out for: if you have a modern space, anything brushed can sometime keep it just too traditional! 


Questions to ask yourself: 

  1. WHAT IS MY STYLE? Modern or traditional? Streamlined or Eclectic? 
  1. WHAT IS MY GOAL? If you are reselling the house, go chrome to save money. If you are refurbishing a historic home, go brushed 
  1. WHAT FINISH ARE MY OTHER FIXTURES? We are all about mixing finishes, within reason. If every light and handle in your home is brushed however, don’t install a chrome faucet! 


Share with us your thoughts on your favourite finish!