Hey Everyone, I’m Abigail; A prairie girl who fell in love with the big city but kept getting pulled back by those big blue skies (also attainable house prices!).

After too many years in school, I was living in Vancouver, had a great family life but hated my job, was barely scraping by and just could not find the right fit. My dad called and said “Hey, my office manager is leaving. Do you want to come back to Lethbridge part time and run the office while you figure out what your next move is?" I reluctantly said yes, thinking I was too good for the family business.

Well folks, that was 5 years ago. My dad is mostly retired (I’m sure he wishes fully retired) and I live and breathe this business. It is what fuels my fire, has grown my passion and this is how I impact the world.

My degree is in Political Science and I always pictured myself changing the world in a huge way but then, over time, I realized the way you impact the world is to change a life, create a space and encourage others to make decisions that over time create lasting change. So that’s what we do. 

We create spaces where couples, families and businesses can grow in a way that CHANGES.THE.WORLD.

And PS, if you were wondering, my family moved out to #YQL with me and although they don’t want to admit it, I think they love those big blue skies as well (I’m pretty sure they could do without -40 though).

Our Philosophy

  1. Masculine Fall Colours
  2. Modern Farmhouse Master
  3. Managing Director
We are believers in modern design.
This means clean lines, functional living and beautiful aesthetic.

We believe that every single being in a house needs to be thought of.
Do you have dogs? Their access to the backyard needs to be easy. Kids? You need a ton of storage to keep the mess to a minimum.

We believe function ALWAYS comes first.
If a space doesn't work for you and the way you live, who cares what it looks like.

We believe this is a two-way relationship.
Mutual respect, communication and creativity are expected. Nothing ever goes 100% to plan. We always have 3 different solutions on hand but you need to be open-minded to those options.

We believe that good design can be accessible to everyone.
Whether you have a budget of $5k or $50k, you can have a nice home. You do not have to settle for less. Our favourite clients are actually those on a budget. Nothing gets us on a high like finding a $12 tile for $3.50. You do not have to do this alone just because you aren't a millionaire!

We believe in making the world a better place.
This means we recycle when we can, we donate everything possible and we give back to our community. From highway cleanups to Operation Rednose to charity galas, we do what we can.

We believe in collaboration.
This is one of the most important aspects to us. We are a team. Our staff, trade partners, clients, friends, family and followers. We can only do this when everyone works together towards a common goal.  



Design Assistant
Project Manager
Photography & Marketing
Sarah's years of customer service and ability to hit the tools means you will see her on just about all of our jobsites. From flooring to painting to demo, she is our "jack-ess of all trades". But don't let that fool you - her big opinions influence our designs as well! If there is someone that is going to encourage you to do something wild and different in your space, it's Sarah.

Fav. type of Project: 
Anything that combines a touch of old with a modern focus.

Fav type of client:
Anyone willing to go outside the box!

Personal Design Style:
Industrial Modern w/ a smidge of Farmhouse.

Secret Passion:
Coaching youth basketball

How do you plan to change the world?:
See Above
Lynda came to us earlier this year as our design assistant. In her second year at the Lethbridge College, she has incredible talent, an eye for luxury (lets say Lynda won't be keeping you on budget any time soon!) and a desire to learn everything and anything. We love to challenge her to think outside the box and try her hand at new skills. We are currently hope to trick Lynda into never leaving us!

Fav. Space to Design:
Living room because this is where families spend the most time together!

Fav type of client:

Anyone open to new ideas and collaboration

Personal Design Style:
​Contemporary with a nod to the past. Think lots of texture, colour and warmth.

Secret Passion:

Encouraging others to take a leap of faith

How do you plan to change the world?:

By helping families be healthy and happy in their environment.
Jess is a mom of 4, the founder and director of an amazing non profit and has rounded out our team of creatives perfectly. She has been a photographer for years and we kept being wowed by her work. Finally, we approached her to join our team to help style projects, photograph them and to head up all of our marketing. Phew. She said yes!

Fav. Space to Photograph:
Anything bright with lots of texture and natural light.

Fav type of client:
Someone who's excited about the project at hand and is open to my creative ideas.

Personal Design Style:

Light and bright with pops of colour, warm wood and texture​. 

Secret Passion:

Empowering and inspiring women.

How do you plan to change the world?:

One encounter at a time.