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Design means something different to everyone we meet. To some people, it means we assist in choosing the right paint colour for an accent wall. To others, it means we take you through the entire new build process. Both of these people would be correct. Interior design services are not a "one shoe fits all" and we are not the type of company. If you are in the following situations, a designer might be the right fit for you. And remember, hiring a designer does not have to break the bank!

- you want to paint a wall in your living room
- you can't decide whether to put the floating shelves above the bed or across from it
- you have hired the best builder in town but their aesthetic doesn't quite match your vision
- you want to tackle building your own home or renovating your own space and you need some help making sure you are on track
- you are on a budget but work full-time jobs and can never find the time to get things going
Did you know we do full renovations? We can also take on a limited number of new build clients. Over the last couple of years, we have built a team of trade partners who are at the top of their industry, are open to trying new things and most of all, want to change the world a little - just like us! From small bathrooms to full kitchens and entire cabins we can work on any and all aspects of the renovation. Our favourite is anything that takes an unexpected space and makes it more functional/beautiful. Hit us up with your crazy ideas.

Recent Projects we have done:

- updating a heritage home bathroom (which is way more work than it looks BTW)
- modern farmhouse kitchen renovation that became custom fireplace, two bathrooms, a master bed, laundry room and flooring
- 4 modernizations that involved keeping the original oak/maple cabinetry. Cost effective, challenging and oh so much fun!
- steampunk restaurant flooring
- modern new build/infill
- black and gold basement kitchenette
- killer retail clothing store
Before we were a full scale interior design studio, we were a flooring store. Opened in 2001, we have been specializing in residential flooring for almost 20 years. We carry a variety of (mostly Canadian) brands and offer compeitive pricing, a solid warranty and what we like to think is pretty killer customer service. Abigail grew up in the flooring industry, as her dad grew the store, working on projects from small bathrooms to high end executive homes. To this day, we still provide that small "mom and pop" service but with a more modern twist. 

​Flooring we carry:

​- Vinyl Plank (sometimes called LVP or LVT)
- Laminate
- Hardwood
- Carpet
- Floor/Wal Tile
-Mosaic Tile

We try to focus on Canadian owned or produced brands as we find this really aligns with our own values, both in the workplace but also referring to the environment. 

We offer products that would qualify as low emmission, high efficiency. If you are looking to build a LEED Certified home, we can help you with the flooring selections for this.