Do you have a vision but no idea how to put it together?

Most of our clients come to us after spending time online looking at inspiration photos, making pinterest boards and talking to family and friends about this dream they have of making changes to their space. But they all have one thing in common: they aren’t sure if their vision is realistic!

When you come in to our showroom, our design team will have an initial consultation with you to go over what your vision is. Expect to be here for awhile! We will show you some inspiration pics to start to get an idea of what you like, what your expectations are and to see if our visions align and

ese exact issues are why we created PF Design Studio. After being a Lethbridge flooring store for so long, we noticed that there was a huge gap – regular families, couples and business owners are looking for a seamless experience where they can do as much or as little as they want at one location. Some people come to us just to get products since they would rather not go to a big box store, others come to us for a full renovation or even basement development. We are able to take those projects from design all the way through to completion. We have an excellent design team who also work with our plumber, electrician, installers and other people to pull together a plan that will work for you – with the goal of staying both on time and budget.

We get a lot of comments that say they fear that coming to a place that uses the word “custom” means huge money, but its actually on the contrary. Because everything we do is customized to your taste, style and budget we are usually able to get you what you are looking for an save you a few dollars in the process. We love nothing more than a challenge and a tight budget is definitely a challenge we welcome!

We are available for the following: 

  • Full design – blueprints, concepts, budgets, management and more
  • Flooring, Lighting, Plumbing selections and installations
  • Customer led design ideas
  • Designer chosen  products that fit your style and needs

Did You Know?

We are a family owned and operated business!

Paul Shakespeare started Paul’s Floors in 2001 after 20 years of experience as an installer. Now 17 years later, his daughter, Abigail runs the showroom and Paul is still involved in the day to day operations. You will see him mentoring the installers, measuring and quoting jobs and installing some of the more intricate projects!